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Growth-driven website design

Through the years, we've augmented our process and evolved it to be more effective, collaborative and efficient-- yielding happier teams and better results all-around. 


Step 1: Strategy

The best and most successful websites all start with a focused and intentional growth strategy. Our goal in this stage is to develop an empathetic understanding of your target audience’s world and how your new site can solve problems along their journey.


With your objectives clearly established, there's no such thing as a slow start. By establishing them early on, you’re able to move toward the results you want-- fast.


By fully understanding your ideal customer’s needs and frustrations, you’re able to map out an accurate customer journey and use data to shape your website with the end customer in mind.


By intentionally putting strategy before tactics, you're able to take a prioritized wishlist of ideas and turn them into an achievable plan. 


Step 2: Launch Pad Website

An initial website is built to act as a digital launch pad for your business. The launch pad site will exist in its original state only temporarily. During this time, we'll track and define your customers’ activity as they visit your site and explore your content. 

Don't worry-- your site will be perfectly on brand and folks will absolutely love it (like they did Tom Cruise, pre-Oprah). 


Individual site pages are outlined and planned for each key page on the site. Special attention is paid to user experience and SEO goals.


We work with your team to create unique content that fits within the established page plan. With major content established before design, the remaining growth driven processes runs much more smoothly.


Once content is finalized, we begin working on the tying the content, goals and aesthetic together (UIX). Initial mockups are usually completed within 1-2 weeks, followed up by feedback sessions, and then final mockup submission. 


Work begins within the CMS. All things development happen here-- from custom micro animations and graphics to meta data and SEO, we prep the site for launch. During this phase, we also install  tech like heatmaps and screen recording tools for unique user data capture.


Step 3: Continuous Improvement

With a launch pad site actively collecting user data, you can begin to identify the most valuable actions and opportunities to grow your business.  

Peak performing websites are not built overnight. Optimal performance comes through data-driven optimizations. Traditional ‘launch it & leave it’ website builds can never ascend (see what we did there?) to the level of performance of a Growth-Driven Design website because refinement is where performance is achieved.


Every plan starts with a focus metric that you want to improve. The ideas that have the highest potential impact to achieve the metric goal are prioritized in a comprehensive goal list.


Simple enough– we build out the actionable items that were brainstormed in the planning phase. This process works in sprints through collaboration between your team and ours.


The most important part of the process is the learn phase– reviewing and analyzing data to learn more about your audience.

Understanding what works, and what doesn’t work, helps inform the ideas that were generated in the planning phase of the cycle.


Once we’ve taken the time to learn about your audience and customers, we share that info with the rest of your organization– marketing, sales, service, etc.

Cross-department collaboration helps your growth team better understand how to make adjustments for absolute peak performance.


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