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DIGITAL MARKETING Strategic thinking. 
Stellar results.

Struggling with limited resources or competing priorities? Ascend works side by side with you to create targeted strategies and establish metrics to measure ROI, while also improving your brand visibility through content marketing, SEO, paid advertising and more.

Generating results through tools, techniques, and a culture of curiosity.

Designing, executing, tracking, and analyzing campaigns to further qualify future strategic decisions to attract more customers and achieve campaign goals.

Marketing Strategy & Planning

Make sure your investment can generate the needed ROI to fuel your growth plans. We’ll identify what your business needs to reach your prospective customers, the specific steps we’ll take to realize your goals, and how we'll measure and share results along the way.

Content Marketing

Our content strategists develop high quality pieces. Then we use the right tools to make it easy to discover and rank for the topics that matter to you and your customers.

SEO Strategy

We combine long-term organic search strategies with paid search to maximize traffic and leads to your site.

Lead Generation

We achieve this through strategic campaigns, targeting the right audience, using compelling content, and optimizing channels for maximum engagement.

Analytics & Reporting

By monitoring user data and activity, Ascend is able to provide incredibly detailed reports and overviews to help you know how your campaigns, offers, and CTA’s are performing. We then work together to optimize your content for further growth.

HubSpot Implementation

All your contacts and companies in one place so you can organize, track, and grow your sales pipeline. We will help set up automated workflows, integrating tools, and training teams for seamless marketing and sales operations.

Email Marketing

Create automated email campaigns and move prospects further down the funnel and generate more qualified leads.

Marketing Automation

We work to streamline campaigns, using HubSpot to manage tasks like emails and social media, nurturing leads, and measuring engagement for effective and efficient customer communication.

PPC & Social Ads

We employ data-driven strategies, targeting specific demographics, using platforms like Google Ads and social media, to drive traffic and conversions for your business.

Creative Design & Branding

Your brand strategy is integral to your business's success. Equip your brand with a powerful identity that will stand strong for years to come. The work that we turn out for our clients is memorable, builds loyalty and drives revenue.


We help you tell powerful and impactful stories through videography, editing, and pre and post-production services. Our expansive experience in live action, animation, and motion graphics enables us to hand-craft the ideal message, every single time.

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ABOUT ASCEND Not just another marketing agency.

At Ascend, we harness the power of digital marketing to elevate your brand. With a blend of data-driven strategies and creative insights, our team crafts tailored campaigns that resonate with your target audience. 


"HubSpot is a galaxy and the folks at Ascend are calm-yet-enthusiastic, whiz-bang-yet-unpretentious intergalactic guides. Their knowledge of HubSpot, computing, programming, and digital marketing is seemingly universal in scope, plus they possess top skills with graphics and modern website/email design. And they are patient with their customers, how nice!"

Hillary Thompson
Content Director at Super-Sod