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How Chancy Drugs Rapidly Deployed a Covid-19 Vaccine Scheduler with Hubspot and JotForm


The Client

Chancy Drugs is a full-service independent community pharmacy with five locations across three counties in South Georgia. Prior to the pandemic, Chancy engaged with Ascend to build their new website on the HubSpot CMS. Upon launch, the website has served as a critical tool for the Chancy Drugs team to keep their patients and communities updated.

The Challenge

When Chancy had the opportunity to provide Covid-19 vaccinations, they faced the challenge of quickly building a secure, HIPAA compliant booking system that would gather patient information and coordinate appointments across their five locations without overlap or overbooking. They also needed these appointments to show up on their existing Google Calendar so it was easy for the pharmacy’s 80 employees to quickly and efficiently administer vaccines. The sense of urgency cannot be understated here – Chancy had doses of the vaccines show up on their doorstep and had to get them out as soon as possible.

The Solution

We quickly built the solution with JotForm and embedded on landing pages in HubSpot. We also added the needed Google Calendar integration. Thanks to HubSpot’s ease of use, the landing pages could be created in minutes, and CTAs were easily placed throughout the site encouraging users to sign up for vaccinations.

The Results

As a result, both Chancy and our team can report on everything from landing page views (over 4,900) to CTA views (over 17,000) to submissions. Most importantly though, these tools and our integration has helped Chancy Drugs vaccinate more than 1,400 people (and counting) in the South Georgia area.

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