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Ascend Strategy & Design Earns HubSpot Platform Enablement Accreditation

Ascend Strategy & Design is proud to announce that they have earned the HubSpot Platform Enablement Accreditation, validating the company’s advanced expertise and experience in driving high user adoption rates through customized training and change management engagements. 

The rigorous, multi-phased application process required Ascend to demonstrate that they have the expertise, capacity, and practical experience needed to serve customers with complex technical and business needs. This included case studies, project artifacts, references, video submission, and a final test to distinguish the top HubSpot enablement partners. Only 43 of 2,800+ HubSpot solutions partners are currently accredited in HubSpot Platform Enablement.

“HubSpot’s accreditation process is extremely thorough and allows organizations to ensure that they are working with solutions partners who deeply understand HubSpot and its users. We are thrilled to be recognized by HubSpot as a top platform enablement expert,” says Anne Shenton, CEO of Ascend Strategy & Design. “This accreditation validates our expertise, dedication to operational excellence, and commitment to continuous learning.”

Ascend has also earned the Advanced CMS Implementation accreditation. Only 11 HubSpot solutions partners hold this distinction.

What is an Accreditation?

  • HubSpot accreditations are for solutions partner organizations that support the success of HubSpot customers at the highest levels of quality, service, and strategic insight. 
  • Organizations must demonstrate that they have the expertise, capacity, and practical experience needed to serve customers with complex technical and business needs.
  • Accreditations are more rigorous than certifications — they have a set of prerequisites and often require practical application, like a role play exercise.

What is the HubSpot Platform Enablement Accreditation?

  • The HubSpot Platform Enablement Accreditation is a credential that validates the skills and strategic experience required to drive user adoption through delivering customized HubSpot training to large teams and facilitating change management.
  • In addition to product-specific knowledge, to earn this accreditation, solutions partners must prove their aptitude in providing strategic and operational guidance, data-driven decision making, training design and classroom management. This is for partners that have designed and built custom, multi-Hub solutions.
  • Currently only 43 of the 2,800+ HubSpot Solutions Partners have earned this accreditation. 

What Does The HubSpot Platform Enablement Accreditation Mean For Your Business?

Adopting a new business platform or CRM is a substantial investment. Driving user adoption is key to making sure that the system is a success for any organization. The HubSpot Platform Enablement Accreditation affirms our team’s ability to drive change management and deliver customized training to large teams, and grants confidence to companies when choosing Ascend to take their HubSpot usage to the next level.



About Ascend Strategy & Design
Ascend Strategy & Design is an award-winning growth agency based in Valdosta, Georgia. Ascend’s mission is simple: provide the best strategies and tools to help clients reach their growth potential. Clients love working with us because we make their business goals a reality while providing superior customer service in the process. Ascend offers a comprehensive suite of marketing, website, video, design and sales services to ensure your brand is the best it can be.