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48forty Solutions Named Top Five Website in US Pallet Industry by Pallet Enterprise Magazine

Ascend Inbound Marketing is proud to announce that 48forty Solutions has been selected as one of the top five US pallet company websites by Pallet Enterprise Magazine.

Pallet Enterprise, a leading pallet and sawmill trade magazine in the United States for the past 30 years, launched this initiative to recognize top pallet industry performers in website design and functionality. Staff evaluated more than 40 websites for pallet manufacturers, recyclers or brokers located across the US and included companies of all sizes.

"We're thrilled and humbled to have been recognized by Pallet Enterprise for our website. The magazine is a leading pallet resource and we appreciate their dedication to the success of the entire industry," said Natalya Calleja, Director of Marketing & Customer Experience at 48forty.

"It's truly been our pleasure to work with 48forty on their website. We're excited for the company to be recognized by their industry peers for their innovative and engaging website,” said Anne Shenton, Agency Director at Ascend Inbound Marketing.

Pallet Enterprise identified top performers using four main criteria focused on content, customer service, brand messaging, and visual design. The magazine shared their assessment concentrated on the following:

  • Content. The information presented on the website.
  • Customer Service. The functionality of the website.
  • Brand Messaging. The identity of the company on the web.
  • Visual Design. The character shown through the messaging and design.

In selecting 48forty's website as a top performer in the pallet industry, Pallet Enterprise reported:

"A video running as the background keeps the website from appearing too static. It creates natural movement and invites the visitor to look around. 'Get Quote' button stands out on the top right inviting a response. Tiered design helps the homepage stand out from most typical pallet company websites.

Content is where this website really shines. From free resources, such as guide to evaluate pallet suppliers, to its blog, the content answers key questions that customers have and presents 48forty in a positive light. Topics include: selling pallet tips, why asset-based recyclers matter, on-site pallet services basics, how to make an informed decision when selecting a pallet provider, how to optimize pallet logistics and much more. Visitors can subscribe for content updates. There is a login for 48forty’s PalTrax customer portal.

A pop-up seeks engagement while you navigate the website. It offers a free download of pallet selection vendor guide. Bright pictures and video content create a compelling story and reason for customers to consider this company."

Through this recognition, Pallet Enterprise aims to encourage improved design and marketing in the pallet industry. Read more here.

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Gretchen is project manager at Ascend Inbound Marketing. She brings more than a decade of industry experience to the role with a strong focus on marketing, technology and customer service. Gretchen earned a Bachelor of Arts in History from Wake Forest University.